Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Gents bike
£800 South Queensferry, Broxburn

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For sale, an electric hub motor powered gent's commuter bike. This Giant Cadex bike includes off road suspension, and a set of good strong mavic wheels. The brakes are hydraulic, with a front disc and a rear rim brake. This electric bike can also be used without the battery connected and pedalled as normal.

Summary of the bike:
-19 Inch Carbon fibre frame
-Wheels - Mavic front & rear, electric hub rear.
-Suspension - Manitou Black, 120mm travel, Adjustable compression/rebound/travel.
-Brakes - Hope mono-mini 2, 165mm floating disc with braided hose, rear Magura HS33.
-Chainset - New Sturmey archer.
-Brooks B17 Leather saddle.

The electric kit is from emissions-free.com. This is a ,"MAC" 500 watt, 48 volt, 10Ahr kit. It has roughly covered 1500miles and the batteries will provide at least another 4 years of daily use. It uses a thumb throttle similar to a quad bike's, and the range is approximately 20 miles at 20 mph.

Summary of electric kit:
-MAC 500w, geared hub motor
-Battery - A123 10Ahr 48v 20C
-Controller 30A
-Lithium battery charger (2 hours for full charge)

The motor is geared, so there is very minimal 'drag' when free wheeling and it's quiet. If the battery runs out you can peddle home without the difficulty experienced with some cheaper hub motors. The battery is a cellular lithium battery (made up of lots of smaller batteries), the 'A123' has no memory effect and can be found in millions of devices, as they are the power tool Dewalt's battery of choice. It is a safe battery solution, and has no 'right way up'. The top speed is just under 30mph. Without pedalling, 20 miles can be covered at 20mph.

For £45 I will post to the mainland UK. I'm happy to discuss other arrangements to suit.

Also included in the sale are spare motor gears, an electric brake, all necessary cables and turnigy watt-meter. The meter can also be used to determine the charge left in the battery.

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