Disco Equipment

Timperley £350.00
1194 days ago


For sale - Full set of disco equipment. The full monty. Set of speakers. Mixing dek which holds 12 inputs and 2 mic inputs. Set of radio mics (wireless). Two sets of lights and a floor light as well. A set of speaker stands. Also a T bar for the lights. A number of extension cables. I never ran short lets say that much. 50 metre extension cable. Also prepared to put laptop in with it as well but this has no disco package on it as I had it deleted but this can be picked up and installed quite easily from Bowlers or somewhere. With this is a hard drive with all the music on it and also karaoke packages but again you will need to buy the karaoke package. Think I had about 70000 MP3's on it and 10000 karaoke tracks last time I used it. Very easy to intall new music. Also all the wires are included you need. Also are two pretty much bomb proof boxes which hold all the wires and the most lights. They are both padlocked and these are included as well.

I have simply lost interest in DJing completely and other things have taken over. Nothing at all wrong with anything and all still in working order.

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