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£60 Battersea, London

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The Notes

Top: Labdanum
Heart: Indonesian Patchouli
Base: Laotian Oud Essence, Turkish Rose and Sandalwood

How Does it Smell?

The rose which Oud Ispahan opens with is big, bold and bright. It smells deliciously jammy and fruity with hints of turkish delight that waft right up one’s nose causing an internal struggle between hunger and pleasure. There is an underlying hum of something slightly menthol and the rose very much seems to switch back and forth from oriental gigantism and sweet delicateness.

Right from the beginning It’s hard not to notice and mention the oud that Oud Ispahan’s beautiful rose is wrapped around. It’s big, stanky and glorious, in fact it’s the very same style of oud used in Leather Oud. This means that it is on the one hand dry, spicy and arid, and on the other is richly honeyed, bitter and animalic. I’d call it “very good stuff indeed”.

Everything is balanced wonderfully, with the oud, along with patchouli, finally taking over as things progress into the base. The skank levels definitely increase with time but they are stopped from entering unpleasant territory by a soft touch of creamy, warm sandalwood. This ‘creamy skank with a touch of rose’ effect that is left just lasts, and lasts, and lasts forever and if one isn’t careful they could easily become addicted to it.

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