Dearman "New Super" Alto Saxophone c.1940s Silver-plated Brass

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I am, with great regret, selling my Dearman Alto Saxophone.

I've owned it for four years and I bought it from Trevor Jones Woodwind, Bristol.

All pads, felts and keys are in excellent condition having been replaced prior to purchase. The original mouthpiece has a small crack in it at the base of the table. However I upgraded to a Yamaha Custom (4cm) - both of these are included in the sale.

This is a stunning vintage Saxophone with a hugely sought-after 'aged' finish. It has a truly wonderful jazz tone.

I encourage anyone who is interested to come and give it a play. Feel free to get in touch and we'll arrange something. Similarly if you would like any more photos I will happily take more.

Included in the sale:

Dearman 'New Super' Alto Saxophone
A beautiful red leather hard case with blue felt lining
Neopreme neck-strap
Original mouthpiece & ligature
Yamaha Custom (4cm) mouthpiece & ligature
Cleaning cloth
Vandorren reeds
Cork wax

For a bit of background on the instrument itself, I found a writeup by Grant Koeller of 'All Experts':

It was manufactured in Eastern Europe.(foreign stamp) The New Super Dearman was a Czech Conn Stencil for Dallas of London. It's basically a Conn copy. It looks like a vintage Conn complete with vintage G# trill key, Fork Eb trill key and Nail-file G#. It was made in the 1950's for Dallas of London, England, the same people who made the Grafton plastic alto saxophone that was used by the famous Charlie Parker, inventor of Bebop and the greatest alto soloist of all time. The Super Dearman is the House stencil used by J.E. Dallas, who went on to be part of Dallas-Arbiter. Your horn is stamped "Foreign". There is also a "Dearman President" in addition to the "Super Dearman". It's a good solid horn, with a great mouthpiece this would be an unreal Jazz set-up. When your done, you will have a piece of history, one of a kind, to play in a small Jazz Combo, rock group, Blues jam, community band, Church band, or local Polka band, or Latin band. This sax was meant to be played. Any new horn will cost way more than this horn. And will it be any better? Probably not... Maybe the key work of a new horn will be a copy of a Selmer Mark VI key-work, but this Dearman has way more total vibe. It's totally authentic, fat tone,and solid real brass, are rare in today's world. This sax has real brass, not pot metal (melted down Toyota's). This sax is the real deal! Perfect for lead alto in a big band or Jazz combo session work!
Grant Koeller

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