Complete secret jardin DR90 grow tent kit 400w/hydro/fan/filter/ducting and more 
£225 Ek, East Kilbride

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Used once for 3 months all in great condition except bag for tent zip went.
Secret jardin DR90 II tent
400w Dual Spectrum Hps Lamp, maxibright ballast and euro reflector
Wilma 4 pot hydro system has 4 blue drippers for pebbles but 1 missing black dripper for soil i think
Ruck 100a 4" extractor fan
100mm prima Carbon filter and accoustic ducting 50" and 62" pieces
Maxibright 1 or 2 way contractor.
3 timers, ph meter, ec euro meter (battery gone), digital temp/humidity screen, approx 750ml hesi hydro growth, 200ml ph up and down and 300ml ionic boost.
Cost £465 from greens horticulture for all up to contractor

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