Collection Of Various Camers & Camcorder

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This is a collection of camers and a camcorder which belonged to my Father. I have no use for them (I'm no David Bailey) and they need to be in the hands of someone who can use/restore and repair them.

Some are in full working order, one needs a minor repair and the camcorder needs repairing or would usefull as spairs etc.

Here is the list, photos of them all are posted here as well.

1) Sony CCD-FX500E Camcorder and accessories.
This camera powers up, loads tapes and the LCD is working. The tape transport works fine also. The Viewfinder display works ok.
Fault: The camera does not playback or record as far as I can tell. The display when linked to a TV also seems to show a possible defective imaging chip. I understand all these things can be repaired, but I have no use for the camera.
All the accessories are included as are 4 un-opened tapes.

2) Agfa Movex 88 Cine Camera In Original Agfa Leather Case.
I know nothing about this camera, it's older than me. Its an old wind-up cine camera (not a toy) and is exceptional condition except for one thing - the shutter button on the front is stuck down. I have been told its a simple fix for someone with the time and tools.

3) Agfa Silette-L 35mm Camera In Case.
This is, as far as I am aware, in full working order. For it's age, it's in excellent condition. No knocks, scratches etc.

4) Polaroid 320 Instant Camera & Accessories.
Now this is a bit of history. I even remember Dad buying it. A classic Polaroid. Bellows are in tip top condition, but some of the metal bits are a little pitted. This is mostly cosmetic. Comes with original flash unit and timer attachment. The case is well past it's best though.

5) Canon AE1 35mm camera with 50mm Lens and Case.
Another great camera. Again, in full working condition, but needs new battery. A fabulous camera for someone wanting to start in film photography. I remember Dad getting this and paying about £200.00 for it, a lot back then.
It is in excellent condition and produces fabulous pictures.
If I was into photography, I would be keeping this myself, but I'm not so it's included in this sale.

6) Olympus C-860L Digital Camera.
This is full working but I was unable to find any memory cards for it. they are still available on-line pretty cheap. It uses Flash Memory cards. Even though it is a pretty low pixel count, it does take great pictures. It's an Olympus after all.

7) Noctovist 8x30 Binoculars in Case.
A rather nice pair of binoculars. Extremely well made, based on a Carl Zeiss design. Excellent condition with crystal clear optics. In a superb original, leathercase.

You are welcome toi view the items if you are a serious purchaser. All items are in this sale and I will not split it into parts. They all need to go. if you only want a few bits, you can always sell on anything you don't want.

Call me or drop me a mail if you would like to view.

The price is a bargain for all the things included. Offers will not be accepted.

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