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I have an awesome set of classic PC Games that I have collected up, some in original boxes, some not. They are mainly RPG/Strategy Games. Anyway, on to the list:

NOT in a box (all disks kept in a CD Wallet)

Starcraft : Brood Wars
Starcraft : Retribution (Authorised Add-on)
Chaos League (precursor to Bloodbowl)
Doom 3
Quake 4
Icewind Dale
Icewind Dale : Winters Heart
Icewind Date II
Baldur’s Gate I
Baldur’s Gate : Tales of the Sword Coast

In boxes

Command & Conquer : Tiberium War
Rome : Total War
Civilisation 4
Bioshock 2


Strategy Guide : Starcraft
Strategy Guide : Starcraft – Brood Wars
Starcraft manual
Chaos League manual
Doom 3 manual
Quake 4 manual

These are all top-quality games that give hours and hours of play and replay – there’s probably about 400-500 hours of gameplay here, never mind the replay value of games like Starcraft, Quake 4, Doom 3 and Bioshock 2! Together with all the manuals and guides, this is an awesome deal for someone looking to go square-eyed in front of the PC!

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