BUYING LG Nexus 4 16gb

Worcester, Worcestershire
893 days ago


Looking to buy an LG Nexus, for a FAIR price.

I am offering £300 cash for one - £21 above the Playstore price. The reason I am offering more than this is because I am impatient - I'd rather not wait until the next batch is available.

I'm not willing to pay £400 for this device so don't even bother suggesting it. That price is a complete rip off for this phone! I can get it cheaper if I wait, and the phone won't hold this resale value for long at all (this is an Android device we're talking about after all, not an iPhone). If I wanted to pay £400 for a Nexus 4, I'd go into an O2 store and buy it right now!

So if you're not like everyone else who's trying to charge an arm and a leg for this phone and feel the price you let it go for should be reasonable compared to the sale price, drop me a line. You have my honest word that I am purchasing this phone to use as my daily driver (to replace my Galaxy Nexus) and not to sell it on - I don't particularly find that ethical.

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