bush 1080p tv 32 inch
£140 Hollingbury, Brighton

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

have had this tv for about a year mayb a littlre bit longer its only ever been used in the bedroom so not often,
it has
built in freeview
3 hmdi slots
vga slots
s,vidoe slots
2 usb slots
so you can charge ,phone,camera,mp3,etc,etc
built in media plader,so when you have downloaded stuff on to your hard drive all you have to do is plug the hard drive into one of the usb slots then just play it using the remote control no other software is needed.very handy,
2 scart lead slots
remote contol.
resoin for selling,am of traveling in 6 weeks and everything in my house needs to go
.thanks for looking

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