Bruce Copen Mars III Computerized Radionic System For Sale

Ashford, Kent £5,000.00
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859 days ago


Mars III Computerized Radionic System. Made by Bruce Copen. For Sale
Scope 4 - Software V5.8.3. Only 1 1/2 years old. Excellent Condition. Genuine reason for sale.
Also included user manual, desk top electrodes (unused) and all cables.
The Mars III unit and Scope software can be installed on any computer with MS Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. The Mars III computerised radionic system enables analysis and balancing, electronic homeopathy and colour therapy. The system also covers;
* Allergies
* Accupunture points
* Affirmations/Word Rates
* Flower Essences
* Organs
* Toxins
* Gem Stones
* Food
* Vitamins and minerals
* Emotions
* Teeth
* Homeopathy
* Subtle Anatomy
Software can be installed in English, Spanish or German. Handbook is in English however.
This is an excellent system and easy to use. Would be ideal for a Radionic practioner or enthusiast, homeopath or natural health practitioner.
Fantastic value - less than half the price I payed for it.
For more information please call 07850 566313.

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