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3 Phase and Single Phase Silent Diesel Generator 12.5Kva

This silent diesel 3-phase generator is made for use in back up situations as well as running power to a wide variety of appliances such as blow-up castles, fridges, lamps, fans, T.V's, gaming devices etc.

Three phase systems are used to power large motors and other large loads. A three-phase system is generally more economical than others because it uses less conductor material to transmit electric power than equivalent single-phase or two-phase systems at the same voltage.

The motor is fully enclosed giving you greater noise reduction and a forced air cooled system keeps this motor at an even temperature when used for long periods of time.

A 12v electric pre engaged starter makes for easy starting, while wheels plus sturdy handles give the user ease of transportation. This generator outweighs its competition giving greater power at an economical rate.

The AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) delivers non-fluctuating power for use with sensitive electrical equipment such as computer systems, CCTV Camera's, Large Household Items, Office Blocks and much more. The perfect standby partner.

Equipped with the powerful and reliable KM186FAG diesel engine. The low oil pressure alert system shuts down the engine automatically to avoid damaging the engine when oil is running low.

Be sure to spend time reading the instruction and safety manual to ensure you get long life out of your generator.

A full list of parts drawn up in auxiliary view, plus troubleshooting guide and detailed instructions on how to use your generator are included.


• Rated Frequency: 50HZ
• Rated Power: 12.5kVA
• Rated Voltage (AC)(V): 400
• Rated current (AC)(A): 7.9
• Rated Revolution Speed: 3000
• Phase no.: Three phases
• Power factor (cosf): 0.8(lag)
• Excitation mode: Controlled silicon self excitation constant voltage
• DC output: 12V at 8.6AMP
• Operation mode: 12hr continuous running
• Structure: Hand cart type
• Coupling method: transmission rigid connection
• Model: KM186FAG
• Type: 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled, direct injection diesel engine
• Continual output (kW/rpm): 5.7
• Max power (kW/rpm): 12.5
• Bore x stroke: 86mm x 72mm
• Displacement: 0.418L
• Cooling system: Forced air cooled system
• Lubricating system: pressure splashing
• Lube oil capacity: 1.65L
• Starting system: electric starter
• Fuel tank volume: 16L
• Low oil alarm system
• Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 910 x 520 x 740mm
• Gross weight: 170kg

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