Bose L1 Model II
£1,700 Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot

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Here for sale is my girlfriends wonderful Bose L1 Model II.
She's joining a band so doesn't require her own PA.
She's had this system for around 18 months and played out with it about once a month doing a guitar/vocal acoustic set so not a lot of heavy use. We bought it from the original owner who'd had it for two years. Its a good as the day we got it and its been well looked after and always stored in its carry cases. The Tonematch mixer was bought new when she acquired the system and we still have the original box and manual.
There's lots of information on the web regarding these unique PA's so I'm sure anyone interested will have done there homework. Suffice to say it sounds incredible.
There just so cleverly designed and easily transportable yet pack a considerable punch with HiFi like clarity and balance. They also have great feedback resistance due to the line array configuration and with 180 degree sound arc there's no requirement for monitors as the radiator is mounted behind the performer.
In the spirit of honesty I have photographed the scuffs to the side of the subs, the worst is shown. This is pretty much standard for any pre owned system as the plastic enclosure of the B1's tends to scuff easily. They are in otherwise great condition functioning perfectly.
I believe Bose have just released the new B2 sub which doubles the base output for those requiring it such as DJ's. This wasn't required for her acoustic act with plenty of low frequency afforded from two B1's.
All cables are included including IEC power cord, Speakons for the B1's and the 6m Tonematch cable.
I'm down in Devon but will be traveling North to Newcastle to visit family so I could deliver to anywhere on route if required.

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