Body Space Vacuum Treadmill - Gym Equipment - For Sale (Banbridge)
£14,900 Belfast, Banbridge

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Does not matter where you are in Northern Ireland, we will bring this machine to you and we will instal it so you do not have to worry about this things. We will also explain how this machine works for you and how easy it is to use.

Body Space Vacuum Treadmill

This machine is new and modern and has been designed to help people achieve high levels of fitness training and achieve results in less time and with less effort. The modern design of the treadmill makes it easier to improve the shape of your body and will also help you gain the beautiful and healthy figure that you desire and deserve. The machine uses a vacuum pressure and
infra-red “Therm”.

Due to both the vacuum pressure and infra-red light combined it is guaranteed that during training using this machine, you will burn fat 4x faster than any common, uncomfortable and strenuous exercise and if that's not enough, as a bonus any cellulite on the body will rapidly decrease also.

If you are looking for more information about this machine,
you can contact me at anytime after 4pm (Monday-Friday) or anytime during day on Saturday or Sunday: 07761327369.

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