£45 Crown, Inverness

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Hello, ope to any decent offers is my unlocked black blackberry curve. The phone is fine, bbm works and so does camera ect. Though the housing of the phone is very scratched and scruffy looking so I think it would be best for it to get a new housing. New housings cost around £5 on eBay and you can get whatever colour you want.
I bought the phone not long ago for £65 being told it just needed a new housing but it doesn't seem to send or revive calls or texts even though it says it has service. I have only tried this phone with an O2 sim but I was told it was unlocked. I'm not sure If it's just maybe that it's not unlocked and only works with a Vodafone sim as that's where the phone was bought from.
The phone can just be used for games, Internet, camera,music and bbm though if you want.
This is the phone only, chargers cost as little ad £1.89 on ebay though. please feel free to offer any offers as I will appreciate any,
These are easy and cheap things to fix and once fixed you will have saved about £30 on what other phones just like this are selling for.
Thanks for looking:)

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