Become a millionaire!!!!

1168 days ago


Hey there

If like me you have been made redundant or you are out of work or you just want some excitement in your world, you can now see how it feels to become a millionaire! (...well a virtual millionaire)

This PC-CDROM game is a classic, hours of fun can be had. Not only that, the CD could double up as a coaster, a mirror, or even a frizz-bee...BARGAIN!!!

I am looking to swap for something bigger and better... I am open to suggestions... The plan is to keep swapping to see how big I can go... a house on a desert island? A private helicopter?

Yes I am procrastinating... I am fed up of this soul destroying job hunting stuff, I want to do something a bit different and fun, so join me...

If you are serious about a swap, contact me and I can come and visit you or meet you for a cuppa...



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