BAT BOX Schwegler F2 general purpose

Westbury Park, Bristol £25.00
834 days ago


This is a brand new box never used, from Schwegler, the bat and bird box specialists. The 2F is the standard bat box--ideal as a starter box. The design offers a simple entrance hole at the front. This box can be converted to a bird box by changing the front panel.

These Woodcrete nest boxes are famous for their durability--lasting for at least 20-25 years. Woodcrete is a blend of wood, concrete and clay which will not rot, leak, crack or warp. They are backed by nature conservation organisations, government agencies and forestry experts. Schwegler boxes have the highest occupation rates of all nest boxes and are carefully designed to mimic natural nest sites and provide a stable environment.

Height 33 cm x diameter 16 cm. Weight: 4 kg.

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