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Hi thanks for reading this.. I put a phone on here for sale yesterday evening this morning I recieved a email of a Emily Johnson asking what the least id take on phone she was keen so I replied to her sayin how much she replied quickly sayin she would have it and would put 300 into my PayPal account so I replied with my PayPal details and ask for her address to send it to.. She then replied sayin she sent money to PayPal and that a should recieve confirmation soon from PayPal and her address... Which was in NIGERIA... A penny drop somewhere and i new something wasn't right so i told her i wanted to withdraw my sale in the meantime i recieved to msgs from what i thought was PayPal sayin she had put the money in my PayPal but they on hold till i sent the tracking info.. I must stress these emails are very convincing and do look like there sent from PayPal.. Then she emailed back with a very convincing story that it was all above board and to send phone but i still wasn't convinced checked my PayPal and nothin' was showing so i rang PayPal who told me no emails had been sent by them and no funds were pending and said it was a scam n could i send the emails to there team at spoof so I did n they emailed bk straight away saying the were definitely fake emails i can't stress enough how real n convincing these emails look if U get any1 wantin U to send them a phone to Nigeria please do some checks 1st always check your PayPal account even if funds are pending it will still show dnt believe the emails also dnt send without receiving any payments! EBAY GUMTREE PAYPAL AND THE POLICE ARE WORKING TOGEATHER TO CATCH THESE CRIMINALS PLEASE BECAREFUL I COULD OF LOST A PHONE WORTH 300POUNDS TO THIS SCAM!!!

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