Arms reach MINI co sleeper

1143 days ago


A mini travel-cot style first bed for your newborn, it fixes securely to your bed and allows you to safely sleep in your bed with your newborn baby close enough to reach out and touch him or her but with no worries about rolling over onto the baby or overheating them with your bedclothes, its very handy for night time breast feeding. this is the small model and ideal for small bedrooms. The colour is La Fougere - a soft and soothing green it looks especially good with a neutral colour scheme.

These are recommended and sold by NCT for £279 new so grab yourself a bargain nearly new one.
The CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini Bassinet offers a cozy environment, creating ease of nighttime nursing and comfort.
Easier to recover from C-Section, Mother rests in her own bed.
New streamline size (34”x 20’x31”) fits in smaller bedrooms.
Wheels on one end makes moving around the house and through doorways much easier.
One large storage space underneath the mattress offers secure zipper closing. Four side pockets for convenient added storage.
Built in fabric lining. Very easy to assemble. Very portable at 24 lbs. including case. Great for sleep away at grandparent's or hotels. Ventilated floor to avoid heat build-up.

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