Aquarium 90l, 3 Turles, tropical fish & Everythingswith it £200 ONO!

Highgate, London £200.00
528 days ago


Signature 90L. Aquarium 45cmx45cmx45cm (the Best Aquarium you can get-PURE while glass quality) worth £180

Lights £25

Turtle Basking Bay £25

Drift Roots £45

Plant £25

Heater (with Turtle Shelling) £50

Fluval Filter (Best filter on market) 120L.p/h £58

3 Trutles (Male & Female 3 Yrs and small 1 Yr old not sure or its sex) each £25= £75

5 Leopard Tropical Fishs, £3 each = £15

5 Zebra Tropical Fishs, £3 each = £15

3 Shrimps £1.5 each = £4.50

2 Angel Tropical fishs £4 each = £8

Everything in description adding to £525.50 ALL GOING FOR ONLY £200

had everything for under 4 months, but due to my constant Travel i can no longer be there for them.

VERY EASY to look after, feed very small amount once a day, cleaning process it easy too, and with the best filter only needing to clean once every 2/3months - but i did every week to keep it absolutely sparkling clean

i will also throw in food for turtles and fish which can last for the next 3 months and testing & cleaning solution worth over £40 in total

Need a quick sale for only £200 or ONO

please serious offers no silly wasters of time. thank you..


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