Antique Pine Desk
£75 Heath, Chesterfield

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Antique Pine desk with 3 shallow drawers along the top as seen in photos. A deeper drawer on the left and a bottom drawer on the left that holds files. There is a cupboard n the right. I took out the shelf and used ot to hold a PC. There are holes at the back for the PC cables to come out. The desk has a glass top to protect the wood, and a black leather semi circle arm rest with a metal weighted interior. This does not move around during use, and double as a mouse mat.

There is some wear and tear under the centre drawer as seen in the 6th photo and there are little bits of similar wear and tear around the desk. However its a great desk.

Dimensions are
1515 mm wide
650 mm deep
740 mm high

I have two of these desks. The second is in slightly worse shape with a couple of drawer handles missing. I also have two narrow bookcases with matching wood.

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