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Most DVD's have been used before. However, we took great care in selecting only the DVD's that are in good or excellent condition. The worst you will find are some minor scratches on some of the DVD's which should not interrupt watching your film. Some of the films are actually new, unused.

Title Rating
Black Beauty U
Chicken Little U
Count to Christmas U
Destination South Africa U
Happy Feet U
Herbie Fully Loaded U
High School Musical The Concert U
Ice Age a Mammoth Christmas U
Jackson and the Argonauts U
March of The Penguins U
Penelope U
Sinbad U
The dog who saved Christmas U
The Christmas Shoes U
Treasure Planet U
Two Brothers U
Watership Down U
A Series Of Unfortunate Events PG
August Rush PG
Bridge to Terabithia PG
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen PG
Finding Neverland PG
Just Like Heaven PG
Leap Year PG
Miss Potter PG
Moonstruck PG
Oliver Twist PG
Power Rangers PG
See Spot Run PG
Agent Cody Banks PG

2012 12
Big Daddy 12
Charlie St. Cloud 12
Dear John 12
Failure to Launch 12
Flight 93 12
Ghost Town 12
Hancock 12
Iron Man 12
Mona Lisa Smile 12
Must Love Dogs 12
Napoleon Dynamite 12
Nutty Professor 2 12
Oceans Twelve 12
The Bounty Hunter 12
The Bourne Identity 12
The Bourne Ultimatum 12
The Dark Rising 12
The Davinci Code 12
The Duchess 12
The Goonies 12
The Invention of Lying 12
The Pursuit of Happyness 12
The Time travellers Wife 12
The Vampires Assistant 12
The Wedding Singer 12
X Men The Last Stand 12

Matchstick Men 15
21 Grams 15
Adaptation 15
Alan Carr 15
Atonement 15
Bad Teacher 15
Blue Streak 15
Borat 15
Bowling For Columbine 15
Brokeback Mountain 15
Closer 15
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind 15
Funny People 15
I Am Legend 15
I Robot 15
Layer Cake 15
No Country For Old Men 15
Paris Texas 15
Phone Booth Hang up and Die 15
Planes , Trains and Automobiles 15
ST. Elmo's Fire 15
Tamara Drewe 15
The Expendables 15
The Good Shepherd 15
The Manchurian Candidate 15
The Rum Diary 15
The Wolfman 15
Top Gun 15
We Own The Night 15

The Machinist 16

28 Days Later 18
Blow 18
In Bruges 18
Pulp Fiction 18
Rise Of The Footsoldier 18
Russel Brand Doing Life Live 18
Sweany Todd 18
The Passion of The Christ 18

In case you want to find out more about the films offered here, we recommend you visit IMDb where you can find full film reviews at your own leisure.

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