8 x Panasonic KXT7433 E Series Phones 5 Black 3 White

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Manufacturer Part #: KXT 7433
The Panasonic KXT7433 E Series Phone is a digital conference speakerphone with display. The three line display on the KX-T7433 E shows system features on screen, which are accessed and utilised using a Jog Dial control 'scrolling system'. Numbers can be accessed quickly via a personal speed-dial memory. The Panasonic KXT 7433 E Series Telephone is packed with additional features including 24 programmable line buttons, a 24 CO-line facility, a 3-way conferencing capability and a WOHCA Intercom key. The KXT7433 is compatible with Panasonic Super Hybrid KXT telephone systems.

•3 Line LCD (16 characters) with contrast
•24 CO-line facility
•24 programmable line buttons
•Classic features: Hold / Pause / Intercom / Transfer
•Additional features: Program / Redial / Auto dial / Auto Answer
•3 way conferencing
•Jog dial 'scrolling system' & personal speed dial memory
•Jog dial volume control (handset, ringer & speaker)
•RJ-11 XDP
•WOHCA Intercom key
•One touch 'do not disturb' / call forwarding
•Line status indication
•Message Lamp

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