6 Spectacular Gold Mobile Numbers With PAC Codes MUST LOOK!! Number diamond memorable easy

Saltley £35.00
1047 days ago


I am selling all these gold mobile sim card numbers at cost price because i am looking to buy different stock, i dont mind knocking off a few quid on some of the numbers. and will take into consideration anyone buying more than 1 number, :)

These numbers come with PAC codes ready to port to ANY network, Orange, Vodaphone, O2, Giffgaff, 3G, etc, all you have to do is call your own customer service and give them the PAC code i give you!
I have the sim cards themselves with all the details aswell if you need them.

I starred out some numbers '*' for privacy of the buyer. If you buy the number you will get the full number.

07*3333 8988 - £30

0777555 98*8 - £40

07*000 44844 - £40

077337733*7 - £45

077887788*4 - £50

07*000 11115 - £55

07*000 44556 - £35

If you see a number you want please call or text me on:
07799554404 - Sharky

I have been selling and wholesaling Gold numbers for years now. these are not call diverts. Once purchased, numbers will be yours.

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