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Here we have

1. a bit used in excellent condition black projector Acer X110p (Don't trust description of this projector, Image aspect Ratio - NOT only 4:3 but 16:9 as well! )

2. brand new solid metal wall and ceiling mount

3. Projector's electric screen in excellent condition, with on-wall and remote control,

4. as well as SONY DZ111 5.1 system with some marks of use on top (DVD player(as an AMP), 5 small speakers, and SW, the only thing missing is a remote control, which if you want can be ordered through many web sites, or even ebay, however I was fine without it).

5. In adition this listing includes all cables, 10 meters Power cable, 5 meters S/VGA cable, 5 meters AUX 3.5 mm cable and some others.

It is very easy to install, you don't need to buy anything else. Just connect all the cables and these devices all together and enjoy. It all been used to create atosphere of home cinema. The best experience is playing video games and watching movies. Trust me, If you are thinking about projector, and not really sure will the quality fullfil your expectation, you will be surprised with this projector. Try search on youtube for video samples of Acer X110p. Projector accepts 3D format, so you just need special glasses and something to run 3D.
Everything works perfect.
Contact me for any questions by e-mail at any time.

Price is £300. I paid for all this more than £450 half year ago.

Please Note: these multiply items are too large, so you can not take it without at least car.

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