1979 Greco Super Sound Stratocaster

Fishponds £375.00
978 days ago


Here's my beloved Greco Super Sound copy of a Strat from March 1979!

Owned this for a few years now but I've somehow built up a small collection and need the space and money sadly!

Built in 1979 in the same factory that Fender turned into Fender Japan in 1982.

Has a lovely full neck and a big deep belly carve.

Frets are vintage and quite small but very playable, I personally love how the frets and the neck feel!

Has an original soft case and the original trem arm.

There's EXACTLY the same guitar on eBay in Japan, same year and everything but in better condition and is up for £637.

Very welcome to come and view/try out.

Sorry about the iPod photos!

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