1 Year Full Alevel in psychology (NEC) distant learning course

Glossop £200.00
1167 days ago


I bought this course last year, as a two year course, as i thought i wanted to take up psychology at university, however things took a different path and now i'm in radio and no longer going to uni.

So i'm selling this as a 1 year FULL A level course (as theres just over a year of tutor help left for it)

This would be perfect for someone who wanted to complete and gain an a level within the next year, or for someone who wants an extra a level along with the ones they are taking at college.

I have looked through the course and it is very interesting and is full of everything you need to know to gain the AS and A2 in psychology.

I am also including the book (that did not come with the course) but that you need to complete the course because it refers to it and asks you to complete activities in it a lot.

Once purchased, i will need you e mail address, so that i can change all the relavent information (such as course details and tutor communication emails) into your name instead of mine.

All in all this package is worth around £450 minimum, but i am putting it up for £200 as it is now a years course instead of two, but i dont want to be out of pocket. You pay at LEAST £300 for a one year course anyway...

Thanks for looking, and if you ave any queries or other questions don't hesitate to ask! :)

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