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We make wood house and many other wood products in kit or turn key, depending on the client’s request. The kit includes only the wood parts of the house.
We make, deliever and build all over Europe. Our houses are custom made, according to the clients plans. Together, we decide upon every detail. The wall structure offers plenty of choice as comes to the indoor and outdoor surfaces so that various materials can safely be combined with the structural solution. As much traditional log walls will be visible inside and outside the house as you like. The price offers are made based on the plans and a detailed technical descriptive.
Technically, EcoHouse houses cover all the wood house types on the market: 1. Lamelar – stratified beams houses

2. Residence – wood frame houses
3. Natur – round log houses
4. PoteauPoutre – strong visible wood structure that allows building very large spaces
5. Cristal – luxurious houses with triple glass walls
6. Industrial – Mitek factories, any other public and industrial construction

The main difference among these 6 types of houses we made is the structure of the exterior walls. The house can have The price offers are made based on the plans and a detailed technical descriptive.

We deliever the house in 6 weeks after the first payment and we can assemble anywhere in Europe.

EcoHouse has an ISO certificate for stratified beams and offers 10 years gurantee. We also assure the maintenance for our houses or any other wood buildings different types of elements, different indoor and outdoors surfaces and all this details give the name of each constuction type. PRICES FROM £££300 PER SQUARE METRE!!!

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