Wanted 1 or 2 bed flat or house in carlton for 32 year old male and daughter plz read

Date wanted
26 Apr 2012
1102 days ago


Hi all

Well i will start by telling u my name which is scott. Im a 32 year old single male who has always lived in carlton nottingham. I am looking for a 1 or 2 bed house or flat to rent in carlton. I am currently on job seekers as i have sufferd from bad health and gone thou a seperation which didnt help my health and not having a perm place to call home hasnt helped. I am needing a property in carlton due to my daughters schooling. I am looking gor somewere with either a little deposit or no deposit and only on job seekers at the mo. but please dont let that put i off renting me a house or flat i am a very clean and tidy person and will look after the property as if it was my own keeping everything nice clean and tidy. I just need somewere to call home for me and my daughter when she stays in the week and weekends. Please can u help me to get settled your more than welcome to ring me to have a chat no problems my number is 07795840400

Many thanx scott

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