USA Property Investment - 19% NET YIELDS

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Invest in a property - offering some of the highest net rental incomes in the world - up to 19% NET income achieved!

For details and availability on all our available properties please email info(at)goinvestment .co .uk


157.1% ROI over 5 years
Purchase detached properties from only £19,000
Gross yields of 25%+
Up to 65% Below Peak Market Values
US Department of Housing approved
Backed by the US government on a section 8 tenancy scheme
Hands off investment
Fully managed
Freehold - Clean, clear & debt free title
Real EXIT strategies

How the government guarantee rental income:

Section 8 tenanting works very similar to the UK housing benefit system, whereby the rent is paid directly by the government to the owner. In Detroit the is a waiting list of over 9,000 people with their voucher ready to move in with, showing the high demand for rental on these properties

How will I receive my rental income:

The rental income from your property will be paid monthly into your US bank account (Which we help you set up) all you need is a copy of your passport and a utility bill in your name.

How soon can I expect a rental return on my investment:

With many types of investments you only make a return when selling your asset, investors may have to wait years to see their stocks mature or their property market rise. This is not the case with this investment, for one key reason, which is all our properties are fully tenanted and make a return from the minute they are purchased from us.

Email: info (at) goinvestment .co .uk

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