£950pw Bloomsbury, London

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A decent size stunning one bedroom apartment designed with the ultimate comfort set within an imposing Victorian building has been completely refurbished to excellent standards.

Each apartment meets the needs of both corporate and Leisure guests with air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, LED TVs, personal landlines telephone numbers and door entry systems throughout.
There is also an active security system throughout the building.

This building is truly, excellently placed in the heart of central London, Bloomsbury.
There are many tourist and academic centres in the immediate vicinity, including the British Museum, University of London and London School of Economics.

Convent Garden and the West End Theatres are all within waling distance.

Russel Square station just around the corner.

For more information please contact Lasma on 07553636564
Request details or Lasma on 075536365640755363xxxx Reveal number

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