Room wanted for 3 nights a week near Cheltenham town center

Date wanted
30 Nov 2012
894 days ago


Hi thr ...

I am a friendly male IT professional. I live in London, but work in Cheltenham Monday to Wednesday. I drive into Cheltenham Sunday night and leave Wednesday evening. I am looking for a place to crash 3 nights a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday).

This has to be walking distance from the big Waitrose in the center of town. I work at one of the commercial buildings next to it.

I dont need anything fancy, just a basic room where I can crash. I considered couch surfing, but I think that'll be pushing it too much. So a single/box room will be better. I am not looking for something expensive, around 25-35 per week for the 3 nights.

Please call me if you have something that you think might be ok for me.

The house should have a decent internet connection.

I can be reached at 07961554950. I can move in 2-3 weeks.


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