Looking for somewhere to stay over summer!

West End
Date wanted
01 Jun 2012
1182 days ago


Hi there!

I am currently studying at Glasgow Uni, staying in a flat, but my lease ends in June.
I work in Glasgow, and want to continue my job over the summer so its there when I come back, but don't want to have to travel from Edinburgh (my home) to have to work!

I'm looking for a room/flat-share to stay in over the summer!
Anything will do really, as long as I've got a bed, internet access, and somewhere to chill out when I need too that would be great!

I am a non-smoker, but don't mind if people smoke, I don't go out too often but love the odd night out, though I am very quiet on arrival home ;)
I am very friendly, positive and chatty and love listening to other people

If you can help me out that would be great
not wanting to spend more than £300 a month if I can help it..

let me know

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