Looking for a place to stay near glastonbury in my campervan in exchange for....

near Glastonbury
Date wanted
12 Feb 2012
1160 days ago


HI there everyone, thanks for reading, I'm looking to be close to glastonbury for the next couple of months and I want to live in my beautiful campervan and have access to minimal electric and water.

I will consider almost anywhere, but the quieter the better. In exchange I would like to pay a small fee (e.g £5 per day) or I can offer my services to help you out if you need it (10hours a week max). A field would be ideal, nestled under a tree somewhere, a driveway could be an option but I would not want to disturb anyone.

I am a quiet, friendly, 33 year old male, looking for somewhere peaceful to finish off a creative project. I love dogs, nature, wildlife and can turn my hand to cooking or cleaning no problem. I'm not much of a handyman but we can always discuss and consider something if you have it in mind. I am good at preparing meals for you to reheat with ease later on so that would perhaps be an enjoyable option.

I look forward to hearing from you

Bobby :)

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