Looking for a home in Clifton - 25y/o medic
Clifton, Bristol

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Hi there,

I am a 25 year old 4th year medical student who is returning to studying after 2 years out to study a degree in International Health.

I know most people want a "mature student", but at 25, I am still in denial that I might be included in this group. However in reality, I am far to old to be partying all the time ;-S and love to spend my time watching quirky films and dexter, drinking a nice ale in dirty old man pubs, and evenings spent cooking and socialising. I am also partial to most varieties of sport, especially the six nations rugby.

After winning the "best housemate award in 2010-2011" for best individual effort in the kitchen, I have tried to maintain standards and am currently competingfor the "most considerate housemate 2011-2012" ;-D I also like to bake (mainly for brownie points), in fact, double chocolate, cranberry and walnut brownies are a particular highlight. I also make a mean lasagne!

Unfortunately, as a medic I might be placed outside of Bristol for 3-4 days of the week. This could happen before or after Christmas. However, I will always be around during the weekends and will make especial efforts to come home midweek if possible. So ideally I would like to live in a house of 3-4.

A few of my house quirks are: I do like soaking crusty casserole dishes overnight, I prefer to wash-up rather than dry, I don't like pointless rugs, I prefer to share food and cooking, I don't smoke, I am terrible at remembering to take the bins out, but I do take the worlds fastest shower.

I am looking for a home rather than a house, so the people I live with are much more important than the house itself.

As a poor student living off the breadline, the most I can stretch to is £345 per month. I don't mind taking a smaller runt room at a cheaper cost to other bigger rooms, but a double with space for a desk would be ideal.

I am hoping to live in or around Clifton.

Hope this finds the eyes of my perfect housemates.


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