Happy, sane, fun, laid back gay guy seeks house of joy

Date wanted
15 Jul 2012
1054 days ago


I'm 23, happy, sane, intelligent, fun (I hope) and looking for a room from July. I'd consider anywhere South, East or Central but good transport links are a must.

I'd like to be friends with whoever I live with - ask how each others' days were, go for a pint, watch tv etc....people locked away in rooms every evening would eventually take its toll on my sanity. But I still appreciate privacy and will want it myself at times.

Very easy going - I like a clean place but not anal in any way (ahem). Looking for a double room in a place which hopefully has a living room and nice kitchen.

Looking to spend max. £650 exc. bills.

No crazy hobbies - my spare time involves seeing friends, going to gigs, going out dancing, shopping, seeing exhibitions, eating far too much food, trying to make it up at the gym, failing and then eating more food. Its a vicious cycle really.

Not much more to say - I just want a happy house with people who laugh, a lot. Ask away!

Oh and if I really like you, I'll donate my 42

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