Fun Proffesional House Share

Date wanted
20 Apr 2012
1158 days ago


Im a 22 year old male originally from County Durham. Up for a laugh and easy going. I work 4 days a week in finance. Im gay but thats just an aspect of my life it doesnt define who i am.
Im very sociable and would like to live in a sociable yet homley house with 2-3 other like minded individuals in their 20's early 30's. Parking is a must. Im not too fussed about the exterior or area of a property but the inside must be of a high standard. Some form of garden would be nice to have BBQ's in the summer.

Ive recently stopped smoking but can't garauntee that will remain the case, if i was to start again i would still like to live in a smoke free home. Budget up to 450pm all in

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