FIRST DAY IN LONDON? How to: find a house, open bank account, find a job etc.

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06 Sep 2012
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Dear friend,

We run a nationwide business in UK which is concerned with helping people before to get to UK or when they just arrive.
For the cost of 20 pounds (if VIA SKYPE) or 25 pounds (if is a MEETING), we provide you very important advices on how to have a happy journey in this amazing but dangerous country.
In particular, we will get you through:
- How avoiding scams online while looking for work and and for an accomodation. We will show you three-four tipology of scams so you will be able to avoid them (many people lost a lot of money even before to get to London because of scammers)

- Websites for looking for houses. I will also indicate you a great agency where to look for an accommodation, as they do not ask big deposit and contract is flexible and they do not care much if you work or not

- What to check when looking for a house

- How to open a bank account

- How to register for National Insurance Number (fundamental for work)

- Where and how to look for a job

- How to build up a strong CV

- How to claim for benefits while looking for a job

- Etc.

It works like this: we have a meeting (or a Skype chat), we explain you things and we give you a vade mecum that it will be printed off for you. We also leave you a crisis-number for later problems or for any questions you need to ask in the future.

Remember, an expense of only 20 pounds can make you save up to 1000 pounds and can help you to enjoy your journey here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best of luck!!!


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