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PLEASE NOTE: Sold, Subject To Contract.

I have now received a Deposit on this Property & Conveyance has already started.
If the buyer fails to complete I will re advertise in a fresh listing.

Remote Derelict Cottage & Mill in N Wales, FREEHOLD For Sale, or Land To Let.

As an old Water Mill, this property is situated on the bank of a river.
The property is strategically positioned on a weir and having approx 1.5m to 2m head of water, which would have turned a 'shoulder shot' Mill wheel.

The entire land parcel is approx half acre or thereabouts, including the Cottage and Mill building.

In this half acre, there is a hundred yards of river frontage with trees.
Was originally a small holding and Fulling Mill used for processing wool.

Built around c1800 I guess, and have traced a Mill worker family living there from 1825.
The last people to live there moved out during 1960's, as he was retired.

The property has Fishing rights written into the deeds and there are Brown Trout in the river.
So would suit keen fishermen or an Angling club for a Fishing Lodge ?.

Access is only via combined Bridleway and Footpath from the main lane.
No vehicular access allowed!

If you are a serious Buyer:
The Freehold is now For Sale at £50,000, or near offer considered.
A non-refundable deposit is required, so I know you will not waste my time !

Leasing or Letting Option:
Other than selling this property, I can also lease the land to people wanting to 'Go Back to Nature', 'Drop Out of Society' or a 'Live Off-Grid' life style ?

As a tenant, you would be expected to provide your own cabin accommodation.
You would need to bring it to site 'Flat-Packed', carry the sections down by hand, and assemble in a few hours.

The tenant doesn't need experience living this outdoor life style, but they must have a great deal of commitment and enthusiasm for that way of life.
In return, I will offer the tenant a 3 to 5 years lease agreement at a low annual rent.
Persons that respect the land, that can also work the land, and live off it for their own income, would be preferrable and therefore ideal tenants.
As a tenant, you would be expected to live on the land making it your home and maintain the land as part of the agreement.

The property has no services and you would have to utilise green energy systems to provide lighting power etc eg: solar panel, wind turbine or possibly hydro turbine could be used effectively and cheaply.

There is a large wooded area of the land that could be continually copsed for Winter fuel eg logs for a stove fire.

There is a well attached to the property, but you could also 'collect rainwater' and purify it yourself, through modern filter systems that are readily available.
A composting toilet would also have to be used.

The land is available right NOW.
Pending a brief interview with you, I can more or less give you a decision straight away.

If you would like more details about this property, please respond to the ad giving your email and phone number ?

If you would like me to call YOU, please provide either an UK landline or an 02 mobile ?

Viewing by appointment only.

Terms & Conditions will apply.


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