Artist wanted for studio share in a large warehouse with artists community.
£340pm Newham, London

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

I'm looking for another artist to share my studio space with me. A photographer would be ideal as it would suit my own current use of the studio but other artists is fine.

1400 square feet
Great Natural Daylight (north facing skylights)
East Ham, E6 2SG
12kw Log Burning Stove
High Ceilings
Goods Lift from ground floor
£340 / month including business rates & water

Electric is billed every 3 months.

The building is run through a charity for artists so the rent is really cheap. The monthly cost is £340 including business rates. Although in exchange for this cheap rent you will be expected to do half a days work a month (or 1 day every 2 months) on the general upkeep of the whole building. You will also have to become a member of the charity which is £20 / year.

The building is home to a number of different artists that include set builders, lighting designers, painters, sculptors, graff artists, and a few others. We've got the building for at least another 5 years as we've just renewed our lease.

I've spent a lot of time getting this space to where it is, but it still needs more work doing to it. So i'm looking for someone who will not only use the space but also contribute to carry on improving the space

In terms of sharing the space i generally use it for set builds so i won't use it for a month or 2, but then i'll use it for 2 weeks straight. Then the odd day every month.

If you wish you can build an office space, a mezzanine could be put in without to much trouble at one end of the studio. This would have to be done at your own expense.

I'm pretty chilled out and easy to share the space with. If you want to have a look at what i do my website is

If you want to have a look or get some more info get in touch on 07840 289068 or joe (at)

Please note this is not live / work.

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