A room in a flat near Finsbury Park N4.

Finsbury Park, London £450.00pm
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08 Nov 2012
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892 days ago


Hi, this is a single room in a flat. The ex moved out and I need to pay the rent. I'm gonna sleep in the living room, you will have the bedroom. There's a kitchen and garden, but to get to them there's the living room in-between which is gonna be my bedroom. I'm gonna put a screen up or something so you can use them as you like. The bathroom will be shared, but is accessible without walking through where I'm sleeping/watching TV/being a lazy twat. I'm a 33 year old guy, liberal, likes a drink and a party or two (mostly weekends), but also holds down a job and is pretty responsible - you should be similar.

I've advertised this flat for someone to take over the whole tenancy, so if you call/email tell me it's about ADVERT NUMBER 2 and I'll know not to bother my landlord about you. The rent for the whole flat is £1000 pcm (take it if you like), but if you give me £450pcm for the room I'll sort out the bills and stuff. Internet, ctax, leccy and gas. Reason: moving is a big pain in the butt.

Give me a call and we will sort something out tenancy agreement wise, depending on how long you want to stay. I'm not a complete arsehole, and you shouldn't be either. All I need is the first month's rent and perhaps some kind of deposit to show you're not gonna burn the place down and piss all over my floor. My rent is due on the 19th of every month, and so will yours be. Interview will consist of going for a drink together.

SPECIAL OFFER::: if you move in (and pay £900) before the 19/11/12, stay until the 19/01/13!!! (kinda two weeks free)

Call and ask for more info, if you think this might suit you. I'm quite interested to see which ad gets most replies!


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