4 bedroom flat Glasgow in housing association, would like swap with house in Birmingham 4-5 bedroom

West End
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1028 days ago


Hello, I live in a wonderful 4 bedroom flat in Glasgow City in a convenient area with public transport very nearby. It has a shop just around the corner and a big park just across the street. it is near schools and 2 large shopping centers nearby. They are 10-15 mins away if you walk. The bus stop is also around the corner and a train station a walk away. My flat is near the city and you will not find yourself bored as there are many things to do in my area. I would like a house Birmingham in a housing association which is in a convenient area near parks, schools and shopping and I would like the house to have a good sized garden. I would like a 5 bedroom house but if not a 4 bedroom would be fine. A good sized kitchen would be handy. The reason I would like to live in Birmingham is that it is near my family which I miss a lot. I visit them all the time and I think it would be convenient if I could live near them instead. If you have any questions or would like to tell me something request details or call me from the number below.
Thank You
Call Me On: 07950551309. If I am not available feel free to send a text with your details on it.

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