3 bedroom house wanted Warrington

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Desperately seeking a 3 bedroomed house in Warrington area to move into ASAP. We are seriously desperate now as baby is due in 10 weeks and we are still in a tiny one bedroomed flat in a very rough area and desperate to move due to trouble with neighbours (they think its acceptable to do drugs on the street!!!!) it's just not where I want to bring up my baby, as you can probably imagine, who would. We will be moving in with our very close friend who will help make up the rent of the third bedroom. Would be DSS but have already spoke to them and anything £600 or under will be paid directly to you. We don't have a guarantor as we do not come from well off families. We just need someone to give us a chance. We have so much to lose that we will ensure that we will make amazing tenants! Doesn't matter where in Warrington just needs to be ASAP. Can give up to £600 deposit. I am going to be a first time mum and I already think that my baby is going to have the worst start in life due to where we are living. We barely have room for ourselves. We've even had to get a sofa bed just so we can squeeze the baby's crib in. Please, we are begging. We have exhausted every option and come up empty handed. We have been messed around by three different people up to now, because we are so desperate we are throwing our entire faith into anyone who seems to be throwing us a life line. Please. Thank you. Devon.

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