2-bedroom first floor flat – Duff Street (Dalry)
£720pm Dalry, Edinburgh

Request details or MGM on 0131 477 35310131 477 xxxx Reveal number
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2-bedroom 2nd Floor flat

A bright and spacious 2-bedroom second floor flat located in a modern block. Ideally situated being only a short walk to the city centre. There is a wide variety of shops in the locality including the Fountain Park cinema, restaurant and leisure complex.

The accommodation is fully furnished comprising 2 double bedrooms, living/dining area, fully fitted kitchen with appliances. All electric and double glazing. There is a frequent and fast bus service to the city centre and other destinations in Edinburgh including Heriot Watt University, Riccarton etc. Motorway: A71 heading West.

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£720 pcm
Request details or MGM on 0131 477 35310131 477 xxxx Reveal number

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