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For a really wild west band!

Where cowpunk meets steampunk, with the emphasis on punk, this outfit will be rowdy, unruly, and dangerous with scorching tunes and devastating live shows.

Picture Gogol Bordello, Bellowhead and The Pogues sitting down to a loaded stud game with Johnny Cash, Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone. Now you’re in the right movie.

We’re a forming band comprising geeter, drums, banjo, trumpet and trombone. We need a fiddle player and/or multi-instrumentalist to extend our vision. We’re also flexible, so if you can bring something else to the mix we’d like to hear about it.

A liking for the old American west, fictitious or otherwise, is vital - be it spaghetti westerns, cowboy flicks, history books or Elmore Leonard stories. Stylistically we’re going for modern authentic bar room, with the option to play acoustic or electric as gigs necessitate

We have contacts and a network of paying promoters (UK and US), and expect commitment and loyalty from anybody wishing to join. No passengers please - rehearsing and gigging is the minimum requirement: only apply if you’re prepared to get stuck into promo, admin and merchandising.

There will be a strong image to match the music: if you don’t do dress up this won’t be the right project for you.

Songs in the first instance will be a mix of existing originals, cool western themes and the odd period tune, though this is first and foremost an original project.

Own transport is necessary as many gigs will be outside of London.

Get in touch if this excites you and let’s hit the trail!

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