Want to get your band on the radio?

Sheffield, South Yorkshire
1170 days ago


Hi all,

Im a DJ on SM-RADIO.COM one of the biggest internet radio stations on the internet.
Im going to be doing a new show along the lines of the late great 'John Peel' playing just new bands and original music. NO COVERS!
On our first show we had just over 2000 listeners from around the world!!
All we need is an mp3 (your best song) it dosnt have to be a professional recording but must sound reasonable and let us know where your from and about the band (dont forget to mention your website!) and thats it!
The listeners will also vote for the best song the winner gets played 1st on the next show and the bands details get placed on the radio website!
Also your website band name gets put on the sm-radio facebook page.
You can send in as many times as you wish (with different songs) and although we cant promise to play all (or any) of the songs during the show.

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