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Here are one and a half demos of songs we’ve come up with:


The half is because our laptop crashed in the middle of a song whilst recording.

Who are we?

Three guys that got together in September 2011 – Mark, Raf, Sheraz.

Myself - Sheraz - and Mark have known each other for nearly 10 years and used to play in a band that we started together in 2002. We played for about 5 years and in that time recorded an EP, many demos, and had some great gigs. Our last was in 2007 at The Barfly in Camden after which we then went our separate ways due to careers.

In 2011 Mark and I decided to start something again. We advertised for a bass player and that’s when Raf joined us in September. We all hit it off well as he was just the match we were looking for and have managed to get in many jams with a lot of material recorded that we’ve been using to construct songs. So far we have about four songs ready for a singer to put lyrics to and help with further construction if need be. We also have a load of recorded bits and pieces which could create another 4 songs.

We're looking for an experienced metal/rock vocalist who’s gigged and recorded over the years who wants to contribute to all the songs we have now and ones to come. We’re looking for the fourth person to have equal say in all matters which is why we don’t yet have a band name or names for any songs (which is a pain as we’re sick of referring to “song number one” etc).

We'd be looking to do some gigs, summer festivals if we can get into any, and record an album within our financial means. We have practices mainly on a Sunday evening at Panic studios in Acton.

We're in our thirties and have full time professional jobs but love music and get a lot of fulfilment out of it. It's not going to be our career ever but it's a serious hobby.

Do drop me a mail if you'd like to have a chat leading to a jam.

Please note we MUST HAVE a demo of either live or recorded songs that shows your style of singing before we can hook up. Ideally both of course.


Sheraz, Mark and Raf

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