Touch Rugby Club York

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Myself and my brother are looking to start a touch rugby club in York. Our aim is to get a good bunch of guys together of varying ages and abilities and play touch rugby once or twice midweek followed by some banter and drinks after.

We hope to get everyone to a good enough ability so the games can be played to a competitively level and in the right spirit. We are looking to start this as soon as we can, ideally building numbers in time for the summer when the weather warms up!

You don't have to worry about you're skill level whether it be very high or very low. We will not be doing drills or fitness or any of the other things that can sap the fun out of rugby. Initially we anticipate on having one session a week on a Wednesday evening and then adding another day in the week. Each touch rugby session will run for between 1 and 2 hours depending on how much fun everyone's having.

Anyway if you are interested in getting involved or have any questions about our plans then please do get in touch! Or if you're still confused about the above just think Fight Club except without all the dying, blowing things up and facism.

Best Regards,

Charlie and Mark Simpson-Daniel

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