THE ATTIC Back Together In 2012 LIVE AT THE NEW ROSCOE, Bristol Street, Leeds SAT 1ST of DECEMBER

Leeds City Centre, West Yorkshire
Event date
01 Dec 2012
894 days ago


The Attic started out as a 3 piece Punk/R&B band in Leeds back in 1988. Not great times. Thatcher was in power and the music scene was stuffed with insipid indie shoe gazing bands. Taking their cue from a period 10 or so years previously, the band set out to inject some energy and purpose into their music. They gigged constantly, mainly in the north of England and secured support slots on tours by The Clash bassist Paul Simonon's band Havana 3am, Eddie And The Hot Rods, Wreckless Eric, The Lurkers and Chelsea to name but a few. The band received plenty of press coverage and had a minor success with their "Off The Nest" ep from 1991. Around this time they extended to a 4 piece with Steve Pedley brought in on rhythm guitar. Eventually the band called it a day when sticksman Graham Pickup secured a trial with a Midlands based premier league club and rhythm guitarist at the time, Cat Presley left to pursue a TV career. Ex Gun Law guitarist BB Tim had stepped in to replace The Cat for a short period but the kid(s) didn't take to the telecaster driven country blues meanderings and the band had to accept their time was up. In 2012, only 17 years!...after the band imploded, Steve, Boo and Pickup got together for a jam in a converted barn, on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Things started to click into place and eventually in September 2012, the band returned to the live circuit again and proved that they could still deliver!

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