Tai Chi in Poole – New beginners class

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Man Lian Tai Chi Club Poole - New beginners classes starting on Sunday 22nd April 2011.
Tai Chi Chuan (sometimes written as "Taijiquan") is an old and profound Chinese martial art system that is practised by all kinds of people because of it's tremendous health benefits. It's soft rhythmic movements gently massage the internal organs, align the skeleton, and increase circulation and energy to every cell in the body; which over time, helps make the practitioner more balanced, comfortable and happy.
Man Lian Tai Chi Club teaches traditional Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The class is at Fitness First, 58 Fleets Lane, Fleetsbridge, Poole, BH15 3BT
12-1pm starting 22nd April.

There is no entry fee at Fitness First, the class is open to anyone. £6 per class for the first 6 wks, then £65 payable per 12 wk term.

Please call or e-mail to enquire or book your place.

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