Sunday morning football league - Applications now open to NEW clubs for season 2012-2013

SE London, North Kent
1204 days ago


(FOUNDED 2006)
We are now accepting applications for membership for season 2012-2013. Follow the link at the foot of the message and click on the word ‘download’. The application form is a PDF file so please print off, complete and return to the League Secretary accompanied with a £20.00 cheque made payable to the W&ESFA (fully refundable if unsuccessful in your application).

The Woolwich & Eltham Sunday Football Alliance was formed through the merger of two former local Sunday leagues: The Woolwich & District Sunday League, together with the Eltham & District Sunday League. In 2005, both leagues were operating three Divisions, with around 30 Clubs, give or take. In order to provide more competition and make a more varied and interesting competition, we decided to “pool resources” and the proposal was put to each set of Members. There was an astounding vote in favour of merging. The necessary work was done and “WESFA” was born.

We now run with 5 Divisions and 8 Cup competitions, one of which (The Plumstead Challenge Cup, dating back to 1931), is open to teams from other local Leagues. Fixtures are cast for a Sunday morning. We remain solid and have now established a reputation for fair play and the close monitoring of conduct. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to play their game without fear of intimidation, threat or lack of respect. We are signed up to the FA’s “Respect” programme and are on the road to attaining Charter Standard status, only 5 years after formation.

We pride ourselves on innovation and are looking to have every player in our Alliance wearing the “Respect” badge on their shirts for season 2012-2013. We are also in touch with other local Leagues, in order to help fix the problem of youth teams simply disbanding instead of stepping into adult football and “pooling” officials, to ensure full coverage at grass-roots level. Other projects are in the pipeline.
Our belief is that, although the FA is very vocal about “grass-roots” football, it is still not receiving the recognition and funding it deserves. We will continue to highlight this to the footballing authorities, pushing for a change of emphasis towards developing our young talent.
So, after 5 years, we are pushing ahead with some major issues and growing stronger. Our ethos is “firm, but democratic”. This has filtered through to our Clubs and they are working themselves to evolve into well-respected organisations. We (and they) believe in quality, not quantity and we do not approve every application to join us. There is and never has been, room for thugs in football, at whatever level, so we have a responsibility to protect our Members against those who seek to disrupt and spoil their Sunday mornings.
The next 5 years will be pivotal for us, as major steps are being taken to establish ourselves as a model for local Sunday football, by adherence to our base criteria for Clubs, players and officials. We currently have a 98% coverage rate for officials on matches.

Take a look at us on “Mitoo” and see what we are all about.

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